Nov 2016 | It was a worthy celebration of our 25 year anniversary of the DEULUX run!

Our anniversary edition saw a total 1775 keen runners crossing the finish line under our slogan „Running without borders“. Our new route has therefore passed the test. Despite the fact that the metres in altitude to be tackled had increased from 9 to 27, there was a lot of positive feedback. Thank you very much for staying loyal to us!

Vera Hoffmann and Yonas Kinde win!

Just like last year both winners came from Luxemburg. It was Vera Hoffmann’s first win at our run, finishing with the phenomenal time of 36:05 minutes with Nora Schmitz coming second. For the third time, Olympia participant Yonas Kinde was able to come first. Reminiscent of his win last year he finished within 30:42 minutes, only shortly before the young Luxembourgian Amaury Gouverneur was able to score a great 2nd place at his DEULUX run debut.