Okt 2021 | International DEULUX run / greeting from Mayor Holstein

Dear athletes,

dear guests,

welcome to the international DEULUX run. For the 29th time, the Läufergruppe Langsur e.V. welcomes runners from the region and far beyond to the Sauer.

The club deserves a special thank you for putting this year on its feet, despite the difficult conditions caused by Corona, for this running event, which has also received a great deal of national attention. I have great respect for those responsible and for all helpers.

The DEULUX run is firmly anchored in the calendar of sporting events and is very popular with runners thanks to the excellent and professional organization by LG Langsur.

In addition, the run is also an expression of the close ties with our neighbor Luxembourg, which can be seen in a wide variety of areas. Like all our joint projects along the Sauer, the DEULUX-Lauf is also a piece of lived Europe!

I wish the LG Langsur e.V. every success and above all a smooth and accident-free course of the event. I wish all participants that they achieve their sporting goal and, above all, I wish everyone a lot of fun while running.



Michael Holstein