Okt 2021 | Grußwort des Bürgermeisters der Stadt Grevenmacher Léon Gloden

Dear runners, This year the 29th edition of the popular DEULUX run will take place as a cross-border, sporting event. The race is now the largest of its kind in Rhineland-Palatinate and has a permanent place in the competition calendar of participants on both sides of the German-Luxembourg border. As a passionate runner and European, this event is particularly close to my heart, not least because it once again shows how the border regions in Europe have grown together. Events such as the DEULUX run are excellent figureheads for the European project. The horror caused by the border closings last year made it clear to all of us how important it is to maintain German-Luxembourg friendship. It became clear that Europe cannot be steered by the big players in Brussels alone, but that the idea of ​​a borderless Union must also be defended on a small scale, locally and locally. In this sense, the DEULUX run is not only a sporting highlight for the region, it is also a reminder of the advantages that the Schengen Agreement has offered us all for more than 35 years. As Mayor of Grevenmacher, it is an honor for me to take over the patronage for this race, which I share with Mr. Michael Holstein, Mayor of the Trier-Land Association, and I am also looking forward to tackling the ten kilometers through our beautiful region. In the Moselle metropolis of Grevenmacher we like to talk about the “Miseler Way of Life”, which describes the relaxed party mood and the open manner of the people in the region on the one hand, but also the love for our nature and an active lifestyle. Grevenmacher is a sporty city that invites people from all over the Greater Region to run, bike rides, hikes, water sports and much more. I myself am proud to count myself among these sports enthusiasts and to start with the many runners who will take part in the DEULUX run on November 13th. I would like to thank the organizers and I am looking forward to welcoming the many participants to this year's DEULUX run. Léon Gloden Mayor of the city of Grevenmacher