Dear runners dear friends of the DEULUX Run,

welcome to the 30th Int. DEULUX Run Anniversary on 12.11.2022. We are very happy to welcome you all for the 30th time under the motto "grenzenlos laufen" in Langsur. After two Corona years, with a virtual DEULUX run in 2020 carried out as a charity run and a 29th DEULUX run with again a lot of unusual normality and the Luxembourg championship, we hope for a happy, carefree and simply great 30th anniversary DEULUX run with après party with the live band Unplugged Gang.

The motto of the DEULUX Run, "running without borders", has a very special meaning this year. After the terrible attack on Ukraine by Russia, we all know that peace and carefree togetherness in Europe and around the world are a very precious commodity. With our cross-border run, which runs half through Germany and half through Luxembourg, we want to set a sign of friendship to our neighbors in Luxembourg, in Europe and the whole world. We are especially pleased that the 30th DEULUX Run will be under the patronage of 2 patrons for the first time. As always, the patronage will be taken over by representatives from Germany and from Luxembourg. The patrons are Mrs. Monika Sauer, President of the Sportbund Rheinland and Mrs. Stéphanie Empain, President of the Fédération Luxembourgeoise d'Athlétisme (FLA).

For the 30th anniversary, we want to change the run to be more attractive for the spectators and also for the active runners* through various restructurings. We will turn all races into real DEULUX races. This means that not only the 10km Bitburger 0.0% main run will lead through both countries. All three Volksbank children's and youth runs will also cross our border bridge in Langsur and will therefore take place in Germany and Luxembourg. The run of the youngest starts on the border bridge.

Also new are the course length and the starting point of the Volksbank Kids Run over 1km and the Volksbank Youth Run over 2km. They are turning point runs with start and finish in front of the church in Langsur. Both runs cross the border bridge to Luxembourg and then back to Langsur in Germany. All kids are also real DEULUX runners* running without borders for the first time in 2022.

This year around the church in Langsur is the more central place. All run here to the finish and all kids also start here. Only the 10km Bitburger 0,0% main run will start in Mesenicher Straße as usual. We all hope that Corona will let us celebrate together again this year without any worries. In addition to four music groups along the route, there will also be a great band again with the Unplugged Gang at the traditional runners' party, which this year will move from the gymnasium to the Kulturhalle near the church. Between the church, the culture hall, the fire department and the gymnasium you will find everything a runner's and spectator's heart desires. Come to Langsur, run, cheer, have fun and celebrate with us at the runners party.

We wish you all a lot of fun in Langsur and a beautiful, eventful and successful 30th DEULUX run and a lot of fun at the party afterwards.

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DEULUX-Run Orga-Team
Mika und Peter