Nov 2021 | National anthem on comeback

Juliette Thomas and Tobias Blum are the winners of the 29th DEULUX run. The Belgian and the former Cologne Marathon winner from LC Rehlingen narrowly prevailed in an exciting race over ten kilometers through Germany and Luxembourg.

Blum initially set the pace for his club mate Alexander Bock. 2 km from the finish, the 29-year-old record winner of the Bitburger 0.0% runner's cup was no longer able to follow. Behind Blum, who was victorious in 30:16 minutes, Bock secured his fifth runner's cup victory with 30:31 minutes. Because Moritz Beinlich (LG Rhein-Wied), who came third in the DEULUX run, was four seconds too slow in 31:03 minutes. The former German half marathon champion relegated the fastest runner from a Luxembourg club, Yonas Kinde from Ethiopia (31:05), to just under fourth place.

The Luxembourg national anthem for the 10 km champion of the Grand Duchy was played for Yonas Kinde. The 28-year-old Bob Haller relegated club comrade Bob Bertemes to sixth place in the DEULUX run rating of child's club in 31:24 minutes by five seconds. The fastest woman from Luxembourg was Jenny Gloden in second place overall with a personal best of 35:07 minutes. The 28-year-old had to let Juliette Thomas, who was just under the 35-minute barrier for 34:57 minutes, go for the last 2 km.

The 29th DEULUX run was thus one of the fastest ever. The fastest woman was only four times faster. The fastest man even only twice. The number of participants in the first DEULUX run in the corona pandemic was naturally somewhat below the number up to 2019. 1191 runners reached the finish. Two years ago it was almost 1600.