24th DEULUX-run breaks its participant record

After 24 years we finally made it: This year's DEULUX-run managed to exceed 2000 participants. Staying true to our theme "running without borders" 2151 runners reached the finish line, 1777 of which were participating in the 10k main run sponsored by Bitburger 0,0%.

Martine Mellina and Yonas Kinde win!

After scoring 3rd place last year, Martine Mellina was able to in this year's run, finishing the 10k in an impressive time of 36:10 min. Meanwhile, her brother Pol Mellina came a close 2nd behind Yonas Kinda, who repeatedly won with a time of 30:46 after his victory in 2013. Both winner's were running for "Celtic Diederich", leading to a double win for their team.

Th DEULUX-run continues to be leading 10k run in terms of participation in the region. We appreciate your enthusiasm and seeing your happy faces every year. Thank you all! We hope to see you at our anniversary run, the 25th DEULUX-run edition on November 12, 2016.


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